Managing Guests

Better reviews = better SEO placement = improved net income

Treat every guest as if they were your grandma. You would never let your grandma have any issues with your unit or leave not feeling like she had the best experience ever in your place.

Avoid situations by not putting yourself in places where they can happen. (Do not give out keys, check reviews, do not go too low in rent to fill a vacancy, etc.)

Automated communication, notes and remiders, solve most issues or common problems guests have.

Be nice but firm with your expectations for them as a guest as well. (Absolutely no parties, smoking, loud music during bad times, trashing the unit etc). All of these will cause massive issues to your unit and profit if not taken seriously. Every time someone smokes in your unit, you have to take it off the market, cancel your next guest or move them to an alternative unit, and then pay extra cleaning charges to remove the smell. To avoid this, be upfront with who is trying to book your unit and if this type of behavior is acceptable or if there is another area that better suits their wishes.

In total, the more proactive and careful you are, the better the future of your unit will be. At the end of the day, we are in the service industry, even if you have a bad experience or nightmare with a guest, that should not stop you from trying to provide the best possible experience they have ever had. Or if you hate running toilet paper over to your units in the middle of the night or face-timing guests on how to use your thermostat, hire us to do it for you.

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